(29.11.2019 / sbr)

The MailLiner optimizes insert sets

In order to optimize its insert sets, in terms of both quality and the amount of time required to produce them, Werbedienst Krüger GmbH, located in the southern German city of Tübingen, put a MailLiner direct marketing system into operation this fall. Before commissioning the Muller Martini system, the company had delivery personnel assemble around 350,000 sets of inserts it produced each week, most of which came from the food industry, home improvement stores and furniture chains. As Wolfgang Krüger, the CEO of the company, which was founded in 1985 and employs 35 people, notes, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find delivery personnel, so he switched to machine gathering.

His decision to invest in a MailLiner direct marketing system with 28 feeders, a FlexPack bundle building system and a Connex.Mailroom control system, which he made following an extensive evaluation, has done more than relieve staffing bottlenecks. It also ensures substantially faster and higher quality finishing of the insert sets. Wolfgang Krüger could also have added a carrier or a foil. “But this wasn’t an option for me for environmental reasons.”

Indeed, the MailLiner has proved to be an optimal environmental solution for the automated sorting of inserts in addition to its numerous other technological advantages. Specifically, with the MailLiner gathering line, one of the inserts is used as a cover and folded using an air blade – a Muller Martini innovation – after all the other inserts have been applied. The gathered insert sets then enter the FlexPack.

Because the integrated bundle builder, unlike traditional compensating stackers, does not compensate layers, it is ideally suited to this innovative insert gathering process in terms of both flexibility and product quality. First, the individual inserts can have different sizes, without the insert sets becoming unstable. Second, the various bundles can be of different sizes without losing stability.

For Wolfgang Krüger, there is no doubt, “that the satisfaction of our customers will increase further due to the automated production of the insert sets and that we will gain new customers as a result of the improvement in quality.”