(13.01.2020 / sbr)

DG press opts for environmentally friendly cars

DG press, specialist in the field of rotary offset printing with its HQ in Hall, starts 2020 with a conscious choice for environmentally friendly transport for its field service engineers. In the coming years, the six DG press technicians will travel with an eco-friendly Toyota Corolla.

Sustainability is high on the agenda at DG press; the organization strives to contribute to a better climate in all areas within the organization. When developing new machines, for example, modern techniques are used that ensure less waste, fewer emissions and less use of solvents. In addition, the machines are extremely suitable for printing on biomaterials and environmentally friendly inks are used during the printing process.

The choice for the Toyota Corolla hybrid fits perfectly with the company's objectives. “We are delighted with these new cars for our field service engineers,” said Remko Koolbergen, director of DG press. “Our engineers travel around the world to install new machines and to perform maintenance on the machines at our customers. Sustainability and the climate are very important to us. We therefore see many similarities between our machines and Toyota cars: they are both hybrid and environmentally friendly. The optimum performance and unique design are also similarities Toyota cars and our web offset printing presses.”

Frank Goorhuis, sales advisor at Toyota Wagenmaker in Zutphen: “At Toyota Wagenmaker we are convinced that DG press has definitely made the only right choice for their fleet. Toyota's pursuit of continuous improvement makes our cars so incredibly good. For example, Toyota is currently miles ahead of the competition with the well-known hybrid powertrain. What is nice to see, is that most of the brands around us are still focusing on diesel, while we are the only brand to deliver a worthy replacement, at least as economical and with much lower emissions.”