(17.03.2023 / sbr)

Practical paper testing & measuring solutions at the IMPS 2023

From April 25-27, 2023, at one of the most prominent conventions for the pulp, paper, tissue, and board industries in Europe, the IMPS International Munich Paper Symposium, testing device manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH will present its innovative technology designed to optimize process runnability and product quality.

Operating under the theme “Progress in board and paper technology,” the 31st annual IMPS will once again bring together industry professionals for three days of idea exchange, expert lectures, exhibitions, and professional networking.

During the Symposium, Leipzig-based manufacturer of specialized testing and measuring equipment emtec Electronic will exhibit progressive solutions to common problems in the field of paper and board manufacturing, including:

  • Inadequate tactile aesthetics: The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer objectively evaluates haptic perception as hand-feel along the individual parameters softness, roughness, and stiffness to help pinpoint shortcomings in haptic quality.
  • Poor gluability, coat-ability, or printability: The EST 12 Surface & Sizing Tester quickly measures the converting-relevant parameters surface sizing (hydrophobicity) and surface porosity (pore structure) to identify and eliminate the cause to ensure desired product quality.
  • Insufficient knowledge of the filler content: The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables a precise identification of total mineral filler content and a detailed percentage breakdown of the individual mineral fillers without combustion, within seconds.
  • Uncertainty about particle charge and fiber capacity: The CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System quickly provides an accurate analysis of the cationic demand/anionic particle charge of the pulp. The FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer reliably determines the surface charge of the fibers, a.k.a. the zeta potential. Used together, they allow for the correct dosage of additives and help reduce waste.
  • Need for permanent regulation of pulp: Using the established measuring principle of the FPA lab device, the FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online enables an automatic and continuous monitoring of the zeta potential of fibers and fillers in the wet-end of papermaking. The online device connects directly to the process, allowing for quick adjustments if necessary. The measured values can be automatically stored on a server and are available worldwide.

Symposium attendees are encouraged to stop by the emtec Electronic exhibit to speak with Sales Area Manager Stefan Rübesam for more information, ask for a demonstration, and exchange ideas.