(23.05.2023 / sbr)

Fast and easy rebuild of existing cleaner systems

Based on many years of experience in cleaner technology, Voith introduces the AdaptClean rebuild kit, the latest optimization option within its BlueLine product range. The AdaptClean technology enables a quick and easy conversion of existing low consistency cleaners from a diameter of 105 mm. The upgrade involves removing all parts below the headstock. A Voith cleaner cone and the Easy EcoMizer are then attached to the existing headpiece using an adapter. A dilution water line with pump makes the system ready for use again within a few hours.

“With the new AdaptClean system, we now offer an efficient and fast rebuild worldwide and independent of manufacturer for existing cleaner systems,” explains Elmar Ott, Product & Service Manager at Voith Paper. “Due to the optimized service lives and higher plant efficiency, customers thus achieve cost savings every day through the modernization, even for originally non-Voith cleaners. The ROI of the AdaptClean system is therefore less than one year.”

To realize the best cost-benefit combination, the new AdaptClean system is available in a wide range of cone materials. The proven Easy EcoMizer enables clog-free operation with optimal fiber backflushing, significantly reducing fiber losses compared to conventional systems. By reducing the amount of fiber, a significant increase in ash content in the rejects can be realized. In addition, increased inlet stock consistency achieves further energy savings.

Voith also supports its customers with suitable spare parts after the rebuild. In addition to the AdaptClean concept, Voith offers many additional services and individual measures to optimize processes and plant efficiency. Thanks to worldwide service locations and the OnPerformance.Lab remote service center, customers can receive competent support at any time and from any location. More information can be found here.