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EU packaging regulation: unrealistic requirements are a burden on the mechanical engineering industry

The mechanical and plant engineering industry sees the EU packaging regulation recently adopted by the member states as fundamentally positive. However, the industry continues to be burdened by technical weaknesses and, in some cases, unrealistic requirements.


Rebranding Light radiates dynamism and transparency

New look, same passion. After a rebranding light, Ferag is confidently presenting itself as what it has long been: one of the global market players in the development, design and integration of material flow systems for a wide range of industrial applications. The new style captures the company's DNA in a dynamic way, redefining the image of the Swiss family business with a sharpened style that reflects its passion, joy and clear personality.


Incoming orders 2023: Moderate decline overall

More orders from Germany and the euro partner countries, but a double-digit decline in orders from countries outside the eurozone: The German food processing and packaging machinery industry closed 2023 with a real decline in incoming orders of 4 percent.


Storage conditions and environmental factors for print media

As the seasons change and we move through the winter, we are all taking steps to ensure we are ready for the cold and wet weather. This might be something as simple as putting on more layers when out and about or making sure the pressure on your car tyres is at the right level. Failure to prepare for winter is very much preparing to fail; and the same can be said when it comes to the print industry and what you can do to limit disruption at this time of year.

(By Kieran Blacknall, UK Academy Manager, at Drytac.)



Mosca at LogiMAT 2024

More and more processes at the end of today’s production lines are digital and networked. But what’s the best way to organize these processes to ensure they run smoothly as possible? Mosca will be showcasing complete strapping and stretch wrapping solutions that can be fully integrated into upstream systems at LogiMAT 2024 (Hall 4, Stand 4D21). The Mosca KZV-111 and Movitec Saturn S6 rotary ring stretch wrapping machine are two solutions designed to secure entire pallets. For strapping individual packages, the Mosca product portfolio includes the SoniXs TR-Connect and SoniXs MP-6 T.


Sentrex chooses Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap for pallet wrapping

Mondi has introduced its Advantage StretchWrap, a paper wrapping solution that replaces plastic stretch film and enables a more efficient logistics process, to Sentrex, a European manufacturer of paper bags. Advantage StretchWrap is a fully recyclable kraft paper that is made from responsibly sourced materials. Mondi developed it to stretch and resist punctures, making it ideal for replacing the plastic stretch film that has traditionally been used for pallet wrapping and transportation.


Innovative packaging solution for wind turbine components

Mondi Grünburg has partnered with NKE, a prominent manufacturer of bearing solutions for wind, railway and industrial applications, to create a new packaging solution for wind power components. With the rising demand for renewable energy sources, the wind power sector has gained significant attention. The challenging operating conditions of wind turbines necessitate components that deliver exceptional efficiency and uncompromising reliability.