(22.09.2022 / sbr)

New C-bar HerculeXX screen basket from Voith meets highest stability requirements

Screen baskets are essential in paper production to remove contaminants from the suspension in the screening process. Since high stresses occur here, Voith developed the C-bar HerculeX screen basket in 2017, which combines maximum stability with the proven C-bar technology. These screen baskets are characterized by their overlapping profile bar design that protects the slots from high wear and keeps the slot widths constant over the entire service life. Meanwhile, Voith is celebrating the success of 1,000 HerculeX screen baskets delivered and at the same time launches the newest member of the Voith screen basket family: the C-bar HerculeXX.

Due to its extreme stability and robustness, the new HerculeXX screen basket is particularly suitable for applications where the stresses are even higher, such as in pulp production. Especially in the area where the screen cylinder is connected to the end ring, enormous forces prevail with extremely strong rotor pulsations and high stock consistencies. This requires screen baskets with maximum stability. In addition, the HerculeXX combines the hybrid technology of the HerculeX with an innovative screw connection of the end rings to the screen cylinder. The unique screw connection of the end ring offers papermakers the ability to reuse it when replacing a screen cylinder, which contributes to a sustainable material usage reduction.

Individual adjustments of slot widths and geometries enable the HerculeXX to sort particularly efficiently. In addition, the wear-protected material leads to a long service life and low maintenance costs. As a result, it contributes to the achievement of efficiency and savings targets.

Özkan Aydin, PM 5 production manager at Modern Karton, confirms: “Since May 2020, the new C-bar Voith HerculeXX screen basket has been successfully in operation at our PM 5. In the harsh application, the innovative design shows significantly improved lifetime compared to the previously installed screen baskets. The performance is outstanding and the efficiency, as you would expect from Voith, is on the highest level. Moreover, this HerculeXX was tested successfully in another application for six months before.”