(25.05.2023 / sbr)

Limited-edition sample box from Holmen Iggesund

Holmen Iggesund’s new sample box, Touching Tomorrow, invites customers to discover materials, techniques and designs through a portfolio featuring the works of some very talented photographers and printing experts.

Choosing the right packaging material is crucial for brands, not only to cater for the demands of their product, but to meet environmental targets as well. Holmen Iggesund’s new sample box guides and inspires brand owners in making the right selection and helps them to be a part of what’s next in packaging.

“We wanted to explore how the packaging of tomorrow might look and feel, and encourage discussion by bringing together creative samples, cool effects, premium renewable materials and photographers,” says Rebecka Almeflo Sjölund, printed material manager at Holmen Iggesund.

Samples and photography showcase the possibilities with paperboard

The box includes a portfolio of printed samples to spark ideas and help recipients understand what they can achieve by using a variety of paperboards and finishing techniques. Holmen Iggesund invited three photographers to interpret the Touching Tomorrow theme and their images have been printed on Holmen Iggesund’s Invercote, Incada and Inverform paperboard product families. Teaming up with top-notch printing experts, they’ve tested a variety of special effects including embossing, debossing, micro drilling, foils and varnishes.

Visual artist and photographer Daniel Serva interprets his surrealism on iconic premium paperboard Invercote, while UK-based Nick Guttridge, who photographs architecture throughout the world, shares the results on Incada, and Ellis Parrinder, a leading food photographer, visualises food through his bold images on Inverform.

“What I want is to reimagine, to create surreal images with abstract ideas that represent real solutions, and to open the mind of the viewer to new possibilities,” says Daniel Serva, who specialises in digital manipulation.

Touching Tomorrow also replaces Holmen Iggesund’s previous printed catalogues.

Visit iggesund.com/products to get all the product information and product specifications. The information is available in multiple languages.