P3 7-8/2021 en

Prinz von Hessen

Stylish Wine Packaging From Metsä Board


Together with the Prinz von Hessen winery, Metsä Board has developed new packaging that is both gift and transport packaging. In its Excellence Center, the Finnish cartonboard manufacturer has been accelerating material and packaging innovations since 2020 and creating a cooperation platform for customers and technology partners around the world. The current packaging for the Rheingau winery was also designed there, with which two bottles of wine and a pack of crackers were to be sent.

The Metsä Board design team developed a solution that protects the glass bottles and sensitive crackers while also being visually appealing. A cardboard insert separates the two bottles from each other and stabilizes them individually so that they are secured during transport. In addition, the team used a holder that can be positioned in front of the slim necks of the wine bottles, thus protecting the crackers. The design team manufactured all components from the lightweight and stable virgin fibre board quality MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright and did that completely without adhesives. The result is a unique, gleaming white box, the structure of which is based on closure flaps and which can be folded flat for recycling.

The team also deliberately avoided using varnishes and prints. Instead, they let the pure white and laminated surface of the cardboard quality come to the fore and refined it with a sophisticated hot foil stamping with micro-embossed details in the form of a vine leaf. “We wanted to create a particularly luxurious appearance,” explains Marko Leiviskä, Graphic Packaging Designer at Metsä Board. “Corrugated cardboard packaging often looks functional, although the material can be used to implement many sophisticated ideas very well.”