P3 7-8/2021 en



Pray for miracles, work for change.

(Thomas Aquinas (1224 – 1274), Italian philosopher and Dominican Father)

Dear readers!

This is the last issue of P3 that will appear in print. From now on we will offer the magazine exclusively as an e-paper. After so many years, it's hard to contemplate such a move without emotion - but it's necessary. We explain the reasons for this turning point in more detail to you on pages 6 and 7.

Apart from current events (as there are, for example: pandemic events, cost explosion, supply crisis, shortage of raw materials), which we inform you about daily in a tried and tested way on our websites, we have put together a series of informative specialist articles with some detailed insights into the respective topics. For example, Koenig & Bauer provide information about a new generation of large-format sheetfed offset presses (large-format printing is a focus of this issue anyway), Vera Goldschmidt talks in an interview about investing in a Jet Press 750S, Lanxess explains the coloring of special papers using inorganic pigments, GKD Group introduces a new kind of corrugator belt, and with the Prince of Hesse we give you pure wine – stylishly packaged by Metsä Board!

On the occasion of its 70th birthday, we also shed light on the history and current portfolio of the Grazer Armaturen Werk in Austria, better known internationally under the name GAW.

Have a great read & stay safe!